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6 responses to “Submit your HMGGMH!

  1. Monty

    I love that this high school can make a site called HMGGMH…i love that the kids here care so much about whats going on. all of these kids are amazing wonderful people. Gunn High School doesnt give me hope, the students AT Gunn High School give me hope. we can overcome this, together.

  2. Seeing the positive ripple effect that GMH has had around the world, including Gunn High school gives me hope.

  3. David A Morse

    While I live far from your community and grduated in 1986, I would gladly go back if I could go to school with kids like you. You make the whole nation proud with your love and concern for all your classmates. Even kids you may not know very well personally. We hear so many stories about kids who bully others dfferent than themselves. Boys who are not good at sports or artistic. Girls who do not look like a model. You have realized what you share is more important. You all are going through the most difficult years of life, being a teen. When being accepted is so important because of confusing changes. I am very proud.

  4. hopeful

    i used to go to gunn, and i was extremely unhappy and depressed during my time there. that lead me to transfer schools to a private school in the area. But i knew will, and i am still reeling in grief from the tragedy of the suicides. my heart goes out to his family and close friends in this terrible time. Since i left, i had always had a negative impression of the school. but now i am beginning to see and understand the changes that have taken place as a result of the tragedy, and how much the school has banded together. it gives me hope that other people unhappy in the gunn community will be reached out to. hmggmh

  5. Colleen

    When I went online today, I saw Henry M. Gunn’s story. I am 29 years old, and I am far from forgetting how hard it is to be a teenager. It is the hardest part of life, you feel alone and croweded all at the same time. You want so badly to be yourself, but you want others acceptance. And rejection becomes a part of daily life. I didn’t experience death until I got older, but it doesn’t mean it is any easier to deal with. I just hope that anyone feeling so alone, so unworthy of living, so unwanted…….you are cared about. There are people in this world that don’t even know you who pray for you every night. I hope that if you are feeling alone, please find someone to talk to. Even if it is coming to this blog and sharing your thoughts and feelings. We don’t have to know who you are. But having an outlet for your feelings is so important. I know some times you feel like you are alone, but your not. We are all here for you.