Finals–Big Picture

The first ROCK leaders wrote a great message about finals, and it’s worth sharing again (below).

Learning for more than just the grade and people who help us keep it all in perspective are why HMGGMH.


Hey, Gunners!

ROCK just wanted to wish you good luck on your upcoming finals!

If you need to de-stress or vent, rocks are here for you. Just come find one of us, and we’d be happy to chat and listen whenever and wherever. You can find the current list of rocks here:
Please look out for your friends and classmates, but more importantly, take care of yourself.

Throughout the week, if you get nervous, take deep breaths, stay hydrated, and smile! Think of Lady MacB’s wise words, “What’s done is done.” After each test, don’t ponder over it or obsess over the questions you might have missed. Be glad that you’re done with that subject matter for the semester, and be proud of your efforts and the fact that you tried and did your best. :0)

As cliché as this sounds, grades aren’t everything. Seriously. These finals don’t define your character or the person you are. It’s just a part of the high school experience that we all go through. In ten years, you will still be out conquering the world. I know it.

Lastly, leave some time for some personal fun amidst your studying each day to chill, relax, take it easy, and refresh that gray matter. The power of a good night’s sleep is unbeatable (especially for those math tests!).

You’ve got this down. Believe in yourself–yes, you can. Go out and vanquish those exams!

Best of luck and holla when you need us,


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