I am so incredibly proud

I am so incredibly proud to be a student at Henry M. Gunn high school. I wish I would never have to leave. Good thing I have 2 more years left 🙂 HMGGMH

— sophomore (10)

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One response to “I am so incredibly proud

  1. John B. (Jack) Gunn

    Dear Proud Gunn High Graduate, It was heartwarming to find your blog. I am the only son of Henry M. Gunn and practiced law in Palo Alto from 1964-1993. I fondly recall the dedication (shovel dig) ceremony in 1961 with my Dad, Mom, sisters and wife present; plus our children Mari and Bruce. As it turned out, all of our children went to and graduated from “Grandpa’s school” during the period from 1967 through 1980. All the best to you and your continued studies and success in college wherever you go. Jack Gunn, Golden, CO.

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