We are more than halfway through

We are more than halfway through our first semester of college. Yesterday, many of us got together for a Gunn Brunch–a “Grunch??”–and it was so good to see all of the Gunn peeps, especially people who we haven’t seen at all just because of the sheer size of our school and our differing schedules. Fortuitously, some Gunn folks from our year were visiting from Davis and joined us as well. We took over two long tables in the dining hall, and it was nice to just chat, eat, and catch up on each other’s lives. I hope we will Grunch more in the future. Knowing that we will always share this special Gunn connection and having such great classmates from HMGGMH.

— Go Bears! (Alum)


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  1. kath

    My father told me that if I do go to a UC school, I should make a “Gunn Alumni” club as a little support group or something.

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