I haven’t been sleeping well lately

I haven’t been sleeping well lately. I would be in bed by 11, but not sleep until 2 to 4 AM because I kept thinking about my college list. Either it’s being rejected or just not getting into the college that fits me, I was scared.

And when my parents started to notice my anxiety, they started to get nervous. It was a never-ending cycle. I always felt naseauted and didn’t want to eat.

I showed my list to my counselor on Thursday. Though she commented they were “heavy-duty,” she supported me 110% and that I shouldn’t worry.

Then when I gave my college letter of recommendation request to a teacher I venerate, she told me that my list was perfect for me, that I was a strong candidate, and again, I shouldn’t worry.

I slept peacefully that Friday. And now, whenever I look at my list, I feel fine no matter what happens.

Staff members that encourage and support students at Henry M Gunn GMH.

— smiling (12)


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