There are just weeks until graduation

There are just weeks until graduation. When I was a freshman, I didn’t think I’d make it this far.

But yesterday, I stopped planning my suicide and started planning how I’m going to make college awesome.

Thank you HMG, you GMH. I will miss you.

–today (12)



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6 responses to “There are just weeks until graduation

  1. eclectikmind

    i’m glad

  2. student

    Don’t ever give up, and I KNOW you will make college awesome 🙂

  3. Junior

    You give me hope.

  4. standingoutfromthecrowd

    whoever you are, you are truly an inspirational person. i understand completely the strength it must have taken to stop thinking pessimistically and instead focus on the future. i too was once in your position. continue on the road of optimism and you will soon realize that your true happiness will flood back into you with ease and the days will be brighter. your motivation will take you far in life, and i wish you the best in college.

    anonymous senior

  5. anonymous junior

    truly inspiring as others have said. I’m very glad that you have made it to this point and I truly hope that I’ll be able to live that same moment in a year!

  6. 2yearsBhindU

    you give me hope. really. i’m glad that you made this decision. I hope your college life is awesome!

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