It saddens me to hear that

It saddens me to hear that Ms. Likins plans to retire after this school year. She has been such a great principal for students in so many ways. In particular, she genuinely cares about each one of us. Ms. Likins is the pillar that holds up Gunn High School. I remember driving home at night from sports practice multiple times last year and still seeing her car parked in front of the office. I admire her dedication to Gunn. She’s always been the giver–being there for us when we need her, but I guess now it’s time for her to pursue her dreams and take care of herself. I will sorely miss Ms. Likins. She deserves the most wonderful retirement known to mankind. I wish her the best of luck. Because of her, HMGGMH.

–Grateful to have such a great princiPAL (12)


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4 responses to “It saddens me to hear that

  1. Student

    I agree. Goodbye Ms. Likins we will miss you!

  2. Gunn Alum '09

    I agree. She was a wonderful principal! I was so happy to see her participate in the choir show last year while I was in the choir. We will miss you Ms. Likins!

  3. Senior

    Thank you for being such an amazing and supportive principal, Ms. Likins. You truly made Gunn a better place for my four years here.We will miss you, but congratulations on your retirement! We all wish you the best.

  4. Junior


    Thank you so much, Ms. Likins.

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