Can I just say “Wow!” ?

Can I just say “Wow!” ? Of the many Gunn traditions, the Staff-Student Musical is by far one of my favorites. (Either this or the night rally comes in first). Seeing and hearing the many teachers and staff members–Mr. Deggeller and his sweet voice playing Johnny Angel, Mr. Brown as the badass Elvis, Mr. Shelby keepin’ it real, Mr. Dunlap and his suave Brit accent, Mr. Farrell keeping it classy (as usual), Mr. Bulan belting out them high notes, DMels with her wonderful solo, Ms. Likins as an English teacher (one of my friends commented on how she sounded almost like Professor McGonagall ! ), and ALL of the brilliant choir students.  I commend all of the students and staff for the great deal of time and effort that they give to put on the show every year. I saw some alums and even some Paly kids come watch the show–more proof of the greatness of the musical. I’m glad to say that I  go to school with students and teachers with such a gamut of  talents. HMGGMH



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