I have a hard time talking to

I have a hard time talking to more than 70 people at a time. No one ever believes me because I am a teacher and I used to be a corporate trainer. But at Camp Everytown, I realized that each moment I spent in my teacher program and all my further education is truly needed for something as unique and special as this camp.

I had to push beyond my own comfort levels to be one of the coordinators at Camp Everytown this year. It was quite difficult to be one of the more “visual” representatives at camp as well as allowing myself to be vulnerable and talk about my difficult life with a room full of students and colleagues.

Everyone asks me about what happens at camp and it is not a secret. It simply allows you to look at your life, to reflect on your upbringing and gives you the opportunity to be an agent of change.

I have had the privilege of going three times now and each time I come back and realize how much we are all capable of – if given the chance. My students GMH, my delegates GMH and everyone who is part of HMG …GMH.

I have the absolute privilege of having a job that I love. I get to see the magic that goes on in a classroom. I get to see my students up in the mountains playing gleefully and truly laughing as well as singing and dancing.

CET and everything it represents GMH. The serenity and epiphanies found at CET and now HMG … GMH. Now go ((HUG)) someone – but of course ask first! 🙂 HMGGMH

–CET coordinator #2



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2 responses to “I have a hard time talking to

  1. anonymous student

    🙂 I like how you say ask first before hugging someone because it definitely gave away who this was. Class today was crazy, but you give an energy to the class that is unforgettable. Thank you “CET coordinator #2”

  2. Former Student

    I’m so glad I stumbled upon this post! I’ve attended Everytown and was really grateful that so many staff members were genuinely willing to spend the time to be there for the students. I even wrote a letter to you right when I got home, but ended up not sending it because just writing it helped. Thank you, CET coordinator #2!

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