On Nov. 11th 2007

On Nov. 11th 2007, a friend commited suicide. Here is the poem I wrote for his funeral, and I hope it helps you cope with the losses you have had.

When I wake up I start my day off
By wishing I had more time.
I spend my day rushing from place to place,
Not worrying about what is going on.

Then I got a call,
And time stood still.
I couldn’t believe that you were gone
Or how much I could cry.

I still do
It’s only been a few days
I can’t believe it was you
And can’t help but wonder why

I know I can’t answer these questions,
And maybe I don’t want to know
All I want is to see you
One more time

Your smiling face
Your contagious laughter
To hear a compliment
And to return the favor

There was so much left for us to do
So many words I want to say
But the only words I want you to hear
Is that I hope your in a better place

I hope that you are smiling
I hope you feel loved
And one day
I hope I can forgive you

You meant so much to me
I will never be the same
And every day I will think of you
And I hope you think of me

Today I will take the time
For everyone in my life
To let them know I care
Almost as much as I cared for you.

I miss you.

–Heather S.


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One response to “On Nov. 11th 2007

  1. Senior

    Thank you. I also hope that you have found peace.

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