Three days ago, I gained 5 allies

Three days ago, I gained 5 allies at Project Cornerstone. It was a lot of fun and helpful. I loved how I got to bond with friends and one of my favorite teachers. Opportunities like these at HMGGMH.




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2 responses to “Three days ago, I gained 5 allies

  1. Kelly Noftz

    I felt like I gained allies at the Project Cornerstone workshop, too! Students so freely shared their optimism and commitment to building a strong web of support for the whole community! I am glad that we had the chance to sit, listen and learn together. I know that this is just the beginning. You have great things to do…

    While walking out to my car following the workshop, I slipped, fell down and dumped my whole box of workshop materials (one of those falls where it looks like a yard sale!). I was so embarrassed! Just as I started to collect myself, 2 Gunn students stopped, bent, picked up, brushed off, and helped restore all of my stuff (and my dignity!). Kindness, concern and collective caring in action at Gunn! I was so impressed and felt a lot better, thanks to their support. “Thank you” to those 2 anonymous guys who “made my day MORE wonderful!”.

  2. Attendee

    I also loved the Cornerstone Workshop. I definitely think others should get in on it

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