I was a student at Gunn

I was a student at Gunn, class of 2008. When I lost my friend to the tragedies, I was shaken with grief and pain, and, most of all, anger. I was angry at her for taking her own life, and at myself for not being a better friend to her, and at everyone around me who seemed to forget her so quickly. Being an alum, I have been away from the school and from Palo Alto, and all the new people in my life never knew this friend, or what they had missed, or were even aware of these tragedies going on in my home town. Recently I went back to Gunn, and I was amazed by the showing of support and love at the school, at how the community has come together, and at how everyone, even those that had left the school, refuses to let go and forget, and instead chooses to fight back against a series of deaths that are unnecessary and preventable. Students, teachers, alumni, parents, you all give me hope.

–May (Alum)


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