I go to Gunn, and have been reading

I go to Gunn, and have been reading this site and saw all the people who mentioned Mr. Dunbar. I decided to make a list of some of the extraordinary teachers at Gunn that have helped me and others throughout the years.

Mr. O’Connell (seriously, he’s actually really cool)
Ms. Huizing
Ms. Messinger
Mr. Shelby
Mr. Dunbar
Mr. Habib

Their commitment to our happiness and wellbeing GMH, and HMGGMH.

–Anonymous Junior



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8 responses to “I go to Gunn, and have been reading

  1. Loving Senior Year

    Adding to this list–
    Mr. Dunlap
    Mr. Deggeller
    Mr. Farrell
    Ms. Hawkins
    Ms. Beck
    Mr. Herreshoff
    Teachers at Gunn should all get medals.

  2. student

    Mr. O’Connell is actually a really deep guy. He’s super dedicated to just enjoying and living life at the present moment. =)

  3. Trudging through junior year

    I agree on the “teachers at Gunn should all get medals.”

    Just a few add-ons from my perspective:
    Mr. Vincenti
    Mr. Virmani
    Ms. Ichikawa
    Mr. Collier
    Ms. Florea – wait, is she still teaching?

    Wow. That’s pretty much all the teachers I’ve had (some are already included on the previous lists).

  4. Another Student

    -Monsieur Losier
    -Ms. Morgan (Mrs. Settle?)
    -Mr. Redfield
    -Mr. Ames

  5. Student

    Ms. Wu (who no longer teaches at Gunn)

  6. Alum

    Ms. Renazco!

    And everyone else mentioned above.

  7. Recent Alum

    Mr. Deggeller
    and already mentioned but Mr. Dunbar
    – are both the best teachers I’ve ever had!
    but the rest of the Gunn teachers are really good as well, I have thought about how lucky Gunn is to have such good teachers multiple times… and how I would honestly stay another year just to enjoy more of their lessons. 🙂

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