I came home from a friends house this morning

I came home from a friends house this morning feeling very depressed. I had just ended a one year relationship with my girlfriend on top of the fact that I had already been feeling like my world was falling apart.  I was starting to lose hope and the moment I got online, an article caught my eye and brought me to this website.  Although I do not go to HMG I am amazed and inspired at how loving a community and school can be.  My sister founded a support group on campus  at the University here because it is her passion to help students know that they have support and they are not alone.  I am a part of the organization along with many other caring individuals because going away to college is a hard thing to go through and student’s should never feel like they are alone.   Your school and community and the entries on the website have given me hope and joy to know that there are people out there making a difference and caring so much for one another.  Thank you all for showing me that the world is full of people who care.  Today is a brand new day and you never know who’s life you could reach out and touch.  HMGGMH!

—Wilmington, NC (college sophomore)


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