Today I got my quarter grade

Today I got my quarter grade and is saw that I have a ‘c’ in my math class because the tests are impossible. When my dad handed it to me he told me flatly that it was acceptable, took the paper and walked away. Afterward I didn’t feel like doing any of my homework so I went on FB and my friends status mentioned HMGGMH and I saw what a great community we have and how I know my friends are here for me. HMGGMH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

–student (10)



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3 responses to “Today I got my quarter grade

  1. Jr

    I got a B- first semester than a C for 2nd semester in trg/analyt

    I went into analysis and i just got a 12/22 so i dropped

    That class is pretty hard and I know some smart people who dropped down with me into IAC

    Its okay to drop

  2. :)

    I agree with the person above; there is no shame in dropping down a level.

    However, if you really enjoy the class (no matter how impossible the tests are) I would stick with it. I’m sure you’ll improve and–even though this is far in the future–BC Calc is an amazing class and well worth struggling through Trig/Analyt and Analysis for.

  3. Kat

    I know how you feel.

    I have a C- in Analysis right now, but do whatever you want to do. If you feel like it truly exhausts you, there is no problem going down. But, if you want to work hard, I’m quite sure you can do it. 😀

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