I’m helping one of Gunn’s sports teams out this fall

I’m helping one of Gunn’s sports teams out this fall and know how much the suicides have affected these kids I’ve come to care for.  But I also see how much they are reaching out to one another, and how much the athletes care for their teammates, and for all their fellow students.

I know that when I was in high school, I was depressed and, for a while, suicidal.  I felt friendless, bullied, and an outcast.  Someone called me one day, and that call pulled me out of the pit.  I went on to have a great high school experience, a terrific college life, and now have amazing kids myself.  I almost threw it away and am so glad I didn’t!

I want to say that if anyone out there is feeling blue, you know there are people around — students, teachers, coaches, others in the community — who care and would be happy to help.  And if you see someone who you think is depressed, reach out and say Hi, how can I help you?  Just a few words can turn a life around.

HMGGMH.  I’m so glad this site is here!



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