I saw a link to this on Facebook

I saw a link to this on Facebook. One of my former teachers from Gunn had posted it. I was home this summer when these tragedies started to roll in and I was away at college for the latest one. I appreciate the effort of this site and I think it’s very cute. But isn’t it clear that these people were more than just sad or stressed about school. Clearly there was more going on here. Undiagnosed depression maybe? Afraid to get help for fear of being labeled or carrying a stigma? Why do none of the articles I read seem to say anything about this? Everyone seems to just feel that Gunn puts too much pressure on kids or that they had a bad day and this was their solution. I’m not saying I have an answer, I just feel like we need to think broader and deeper. There is more going on than we can see. HMGGMH because despite all the tragedy everyone is thinking of ways to brighten others lives.

–Gunn 08 Alum



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3 responses to “I saw a link to this on Facebook

  1. student

    I think they’re focusing on the hope part for a little while first…

  2. Anonymous

    I completely agree with you, and I think so do a lot of students. But many parents and newspapers are oversimplifying the issues.

    I know that in at least one case, the depression was diagnosed. In the other cases I would guess undiagnosed depression played a part.

  3. Richard Glasgow

    I don’t know how best to start tis reply, so here goes. I suffer with Bipolar Disorder. I was not diagnosed with it until my twenties, but it is believed I suffered with it during my teens. Depression is very hard to deal with. Anyone who may read this, who believes that suicide may be an option, should look at it in a different perspective. We give only our most dangerous and vile criminals a death sentence. This is to protect society from them. I do not believe that anyone should be their own judge and jury and give themself a death sentence due to living a life they find difficult to bear. This does not warrant such a sentence. I should know, I have tried. Thankfully I failed. When depressive thought begins to limit your options, it is easy to believe that life will not get better, and you begin to believe people around you will be better off without you. With the correct treatment, I was able to see that I was wrong. With the depression treated, I began to live a normal life again. I began to plan, and now is so much better than I could possibly have imagined back then. Whatever the cause, be it grades, bullying, break ups, or family. We were all born with the ability to change our minds, choose, and change our direction. I am not simplifying it at all, I know how hard it is, but please know, that there are good people out there who are qualified to help you, and will. Many played a roll in saving my life. I am glad they did, and so is my wife, and three children. There is always the possilbility that the Bipolar disorder will bring on depression again, but I know that as soon as I notice the loss of interest, the pain, and the excessive sleeping, I will go seek help. It really is a beautiful world out there, and though at times you may feel stuck and trapped, you will be able to choose where you live, and what you experience. Schooling gives you knowledge. Knowledge is power. It empowers you to make educated decisions to help you to enrich your life. There is always hope. Good luck students, be your brothers keeper!

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