There are no words to describe

There are no words to describe how wonderful this site is. It is a pure reflection of the compassion within Gunn HS students, teachers, staff, parents and alumni. This site GMH.

It’s been 5 years since I graduated from Gunn – enough time that I have a little outside perspective, but not enough to forget what it was like navigating the brown and concrete halls. I don’t think anyone can ever explain or give a specific reason for what’s going on, but what we can offer is an ear.

If anyone has anything they want to talk or vent about, please feel free to email Completely objective, anonymous and private. I know it seems weird to confide in a complete stranger, but sometimes it feels good to just get it out there, knowing that you’ll never actually meet in person.

I’m not a shrink or studying to be a shrink or even in Palo Alto anymore. Just an alum who wants to help. To the Gunn community – live, learn, love. HMGGMH

–Gunn Alum 04


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