The other day in math class

The other day in math class, I was feeling really stressed about everything that had happened that week and all the tests and homework ahead. Suddenly, I saw this guy sitting next to me open his binder and in it, I saw a post-it from Operation Beautiful. It said “just keep swimming – dory :D” It reminded me that not only is Dory a genius, but to be strong and just “keep swimming.” HMGGMH ❤




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3 responses to “The other day in math class

  1. hiners

    I haven’t seen that post it, but that’s really awesome 🙂

  2. Gunn Mom

    Sometimes it’s that one phrase or thought that can get you through a bad day, week or even longer. I keep a picture of my children in my wallet so that I can always think of what is most important, every single day.

    Dory is a genius.

  3. gunn student

    Thanks for giving me and everyone reading this hope!

    Just keep swimming dude 🙂

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