I am humbled by my job.

I am humbled by my job. I am humbled by my students. I am truly humbled by the conception and delivery of this site.

I get so frustrated when people ask me what is wrong with my school and my students. And instead of reacting with anger, I have begun to ask those same people if they realize how many unrecorded teen suicides occur each year. Those ciphers just melt away and there is no one to remember them or their pain. Then I ask them what they are doing to be agents of change instead of just blindly judging a situation.

As I write this, there are tears running down my face for the students I have lost. My heart breaks for those still in such agony. But I also remember with distinct clarity how I am privy to the growth of my students and how they truly make me laugh and smile.

The post-its and sheer resiliency of this student body humbles me. Operation Beautiful was unexpected and filled so many with happiness – much as a rainbow does after torrential rains. Thank you Sophia.

–Anonymous Teacher



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5 responses to “I am humbled by my job.

  1. Anonymous

    Wow, this really made me tear up. HMGGMH

  2. Another Student


  3. that teacher ...

    It is funny. It is not a secret that I wrote this post. I showed it to my classes and a few others. I was so proud of this site and my students that I just had to put my feelings on the site.

    I didn’t put my name on it because I felt that my message was so much more important that my name.

    I don’t often quote hip hop but JayZ comes to mind -“Every day a star is born. Clap for ’em” and as I walk through our halls in a mindful way I think, “Wow, this small part of the campus is filled with stars and finally someone is beginning to clap for them” and endeavor to smile at as many people as possible (when I used to just be wrapped up in my own world).

    Not sure how I feel about my post being quoted but I am eternally grateful that others can see the genius in our students!

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