A while back during production week,

A while back during production week, I had gotten home fairly late and was too exhausted to do my homework. I woke up early the next morning to finish it, worked through my first period prep, and finally finished it at 9:00. I rushed to school, but still arrived late. When I walked into class, everyone was already beginning to write their essays. I quietly walked to an empty table group, and my teacher came over and asked me, “Is everything all right?” I explained to her my situation and apologized for being really late to her class. She smiled and told me to not worry about it. I sat down and began to write my essay. A few minutes later, she walked over and gave me two gingersnap cookies that I’m guessing she brought to share with the class. The cookies were delicious, and her smile made all the difference. HMGGMH!

–Anonymous Senior

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